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Connecting reliable service providers with valued customers

Property Gene was founded to provide the services that our founder, Fred, wishes he had had access to.

Fred has first-hand experience of how difficult and frustrating it can be to find quality tradespeople and service providers. During his three-year building and renovation project he suffered all sorts of setbacks, from the annoying, expensive, or frustrating to the downright dangerous.

He found it could often be almost impossible to find tradespeople who will:

  • Respond to an enquiry

  • Turn up to quote
  • Provide a realistic and detailed quote
  • Charge a fair price
  • Agree timings and stick to them
  • Turn up to do the work agreed
  • Have the experience they claim to have

  • Not use sub-par materials or techniques
  • Do the work professionally, on time, and at the agreed price
  • Leave things clean and tidy
  • Provide guarantees
  • Resolve ongoing problems or snagging issues in a timely and professional manner

But with those he found who were professional and reliable he fostered great relationships. Bringing people into your home can be particularly difficult so you need to be able to trust them.

Hire Professional, High Quality and Trustworthy Contractors

At Property Gene we’re passionate about quality

Fred wanted to build a community of contractors, service providers, and tradespeople who were different. Who could be trusted to quote fair prices and carry out the work efficiently and properly. Because we are passionate about quality.

And so Property Gene was born. We’ve done the work for you, so you can use your time for better things.

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