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If you’re looking for a reliable contractor, or service provider, we have all the information you need about how Property Gene works below:

How Property Gene Works For Customers

Property Gene offers you quality and peace of mind:

  • We thoroughly vet contractors and service providers before adding them to our directory

  • We pass on all the details you provide to professional and reliable companies – so whether you have a small or large project requiring individuals or companies, we are the point of contact. This makes things simpler and easier for you and frees them up from fielding constant enquiries.

  • We don’t charge you anything, it’s a free service for you to benefit from.

  • We only charge our members a small referral fee based on completed projects as inclusion in our directory works on a merit basis.

  • We constantly review and update our directory based on customer feedback

  • The Property Gene business model means we are just as invested in a quality outcome as our customers are.

What we can’t guarantee:

We can’t guarantee that our contractors and service providers will:

  • Provide exactly the service you are looking for (let us know if this is the case and we will do our best to expand our directory)

  • Be available immediately (a good reputation often means a busy diary)

  • Quote the lowest price (we only deal with reliable, professional freelancers, contractors, and companies and they tend to charge more – they employ more experienced people and don’t cut corners)

  • Always be ideal for you (it’s just not possible to get on with or like everyone, no matter how good they are)

We are always looking for high quality, reliable contractors and companies to join our community. If you have had a great experience with a tradesperson, contractor, or service provider that you think would be a good fit for Property Gene, please give them our details!

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