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Do I have to pay to use Property Gene?2022-09-30T17:23:13+00:00

No, we don’t charge our customers for access to our service. We are passionate about connecting people with high-quality, reliable tradespeople and services and don’t believe this should come at a premium.

What do companies have to do to get listed by you? Do they just pay a fee?2022-09-30T17:23:28+00:00

We vet our members very carefully and inclusion in our directory is made on a merit basis only. Our reputation is very important to us. Completed work referred to service partners attracts a small fee.

Can I read other people’s feedback and leave my own after a job has been completed?2022-09-30T17:23:41+00:00

Yes, feedback is an essential part of the process. You will find feedback from other customers about our referred companies. You will receive a feedback form once you have arranged the work so you can also have your say.

Why can’t I just contact people myself?2022-09-30T17:23:54+00:00

One of the biggest problems for tradespeople and busy service providers is finding the time to respond to multiple enquires. And one of the biggest problems for customers is getting a response. When customers go through us we reduce admin and create accountability: requiring them to respond within a certain time frame.

How long will it take for you to come back to me?2022-09-30T17:24:09+00:00

We always aim to respond within 48-72 hours at the most, and generally well before.

What happens if I have a problem with a tradesperson, contractor, or service provider?2022-09-30T17:24:19+00:00

While we always hope you will have a positive experience, and love to receive positive reviews, we understand that problems sometimes arise. Negative feedback allows us to improve our service.

If you need to make a complaint, we will contact the relevant person or company (with your permission) and the issue will be investigated. We will always aim to resolve the situation to both parties’ satisfaction. We also recommend that you raise any issues with them directly in the first instance, giving them the opportunity to put things right before we intervene.

Are you insured?2022-09-30T17:24:41+00:00

Yes, we have professional indemnity insurance, and we check that all our tradespeople, contractors, and service providers hold the necessary insurance(s).

Will tradespeople be working solely on my project?2022-09-30T17:24:52+00:00

In general, yes, although this will partly depend on the job. We know how frustrating it is to have tradespeople suddenly disappear partway through a job. We expect our companies to work with you as agreed, turn up when they say they will, and complete the job in the anticipated time frame. Please bear in mind that there may be occasions when weather, supplies, or personal reasons mean that this does not always happen. If you wish to extend the scope of work and they are already committed to another job after yours, please also be aware that this may mean they cannot immediately commit to you too.

When do I need to pay? Do I pay you or the member?2022-09-30T17:25:05+00:00

You will need to pay the member directly and promptly as per the terms of their invoice when the work is finished. Some may require a partial upfront payment to cover materials they will need to buy but this should be discussed with you in advance. They should be able to address all reasonable snagging issues even after full payment has been made, provided these are brought to their attention within an agreed time frame.

Can you recommend quality tradespeople while you are assembling your team?2022-09-30T17:25:14+00:00

Yes, we can recommend experienced, quality tradespeople covering Hove, Brighton, and West Sussex while we build our handpicked team of tradespeople.

What’s the best way to enquire about a service or tradespeople?2022-10-04T09:25:46+00:00

Use either our ‘Book My Service’ or ‘Book My Trader’ buttons on the site by completing it fully so we can act more promptly.  However, there is the flexibility to send an express enquiry with us coming back to you where your basic details are provided.  You can also use our whatsapp chat, call us on 0203 693 3932 or email contact@propertygene.co.uk

Can you advise on where to source materials for a project if I want to supply my own, so I pay for labour only?2022-09-30T17:25:39+00:00

Yes, we have plenty of experience and contacts and can advise on the best places to source materials. We’re always happy to discuss your planned projects and best way to go about them. Sourcing materials can be an excellent way to make savings and gain awareness of the available options. Currently we offer this option in the West Sussex area, including Brighton, Hove, and Worthing. We’re also working on offering exciting benefits and discounts with partner companies for labour-only projects and DIY enthusiasts.

Can you tell me more about your customer milestone offer?2022-12-08T11:49:17+00:00

As a thank you for joining us on our journey we will be awarding every 50th customer a discount on the first £500 spent on a completed project. This discount will vary from 5-10% depending on the chosen service provider and will be confirmed along with their quote.

This offer only applies to Property Gene service providers and for bookings and transactions confirmed through our platform.

The discount will be applied on completion and included in the final invoice.

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